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Dheerya at a Glance


An equitable society by providing access to opportunities

We believe that in order to nurture a sustainable society, building human capital is an important component. Education is vital for building human capital and overall development of the country. It provides an easy path for socio-economic mobility, there by minimizing inequality


Kids across India face an academic gap making it difficult for them to learn and have a productive life ahead. We start with identifying these kids and providing them with holistic education. 2 years of observations, surveys and direct conversations with educators have provided us with several metrics, data, and feedback to work on.
As we move forward and achieve the level of impact we strive for in each of our projects, we aim to scale them up to benefit every individual across the country!

Volunteering Hours
Kids Impacted
Volunteers Mobilized

What We Do

Edu-Kala Education Project


Serving the Underserved

Weekend Volunteering


Curriculum Development

What We Do

What We Do

vidhya nidhi-08.png

Dheerya Vidya Nidhi


Project Belaku

Building Libraries

Scholarship Program

"Making holistic education accessible"


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Shri Sai Sneha Foundation

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LeadUp India


Teach for India


No Poverty

Bringing Change

Swami Vivekananda

"Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man"

It is a great sight to see youngsters take initiative and work towards serving society, and I am happy to see Dheerya thrive in this same trajectory. 
Prakruth’s vision and inspiring mindset have inspired those around him to join his cause too. The energy, intent, and passion displayed by the team to reform the education sector are admirable. I wish Prakruth and his team the best of luck for all their future endeavors and hope they continue inspiring people.

Mr Sridhar Pabbisetty
Founding Director, Kautilya School of Public Policy

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