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Completed Projects


Connect with Nature

Saving and protecting mother nature is one's responsibility. To fulfil this duty, 45 of our volunteers conducted a plog hike at the Mandargiri hill. Here 12 bags of garbage were collected and properly disposed of. A team-building activity was conducted after the hike too. While 12 bags of garbage seems like a large number, to our team members this is just the start. The volunteers also make it a point to spread awareness about pollution and climate change to our students during classes. Dheerya hopes to host more such events to connect and give back to nature.

Edusight Project

Due to pandemic restrictions, it was very challenging to conduct classes for the students. Hence Dheerya made the best of this situation by creating a platform to start a discussion about whether our education system is working or not. The sessions initiated a dialogue between the volunteers to work towards finding a viable method of education other than the conventional education provided in schools. Discussions about the Gurukul System of Education, Western System of Education Transformational Learning and various other topics were conducted. These sessions help shed light and create new ideas and feasible modules on student-centred learning.


School on Wheels

In collaboration with BBMP, a three-day initiative to revamp 10 BMTC busses was conducted. These busses were redone to help create a fun and exciting learning environment for students. This project aimed to create door-to-door education for those who could not access schools due to transit issues. The main aim behind this project was to create accessible education for rural Karnataka and ring students one step closer to a better future.

Project Suraksha

A step towards awareness about the pandemic was taken by teaching 80 odd students about sanitary habits to avoid contracting covid. An activity to make DIY masks was also conducted. This helped the students get a better understanding of the severity of the virus and how to protect themselves from it. Various obstacles like lockdowns and transit issues were overcome to conduct these classes.

Join us in making a real difference.

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