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On-Going Projects

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Weekend Volunteering

With the intention of serving the underserved and bridging the educational gap created by the pandemic, our volunteers have been conducting classes for underprivileged students at four different locations. Through a student-centred curriculum, holistic education is being imparted. Dheerya looks forward to mobilising these students towards a better future with the power of knowledge.


Children are our future and all Children deserve high quality education.
For this purpose, Edu-Kala was created by the Dheerya foundation. Edu-kala is a comprehensive manual that will provide a framework to enable a more interactive, learner-centric, activity-based mode of teaching.with the objective to provide a more practical approach towards academics.
Edu- kala follows a curriculum formulated in accordance with  NEP2020 for grades 3 and 4. The curriculum has 5 different subjects, namely Mathematics, English, Science, Life skills and EVS. Edu-kala’s unique,  interactive and gamified methodology of learning boosts learning and retention and makes it a valuable learning resource.


Dheerya Vidya Nidhi

Dheerya Vidya Nidhi is a need-based scholarship program that is run to support the education of students who have lost their parents or are from difficult financial backgrounds. As of now we have financially supported 3 girl students for their higher education and hope to help many more in the future.

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Join us in making a real difference.

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