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6 Pillars

The six pillars are the foundation and main motives of our organization.

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Sustainable Education

Dheerya conducts classes through a holistic, student-centric curriculum. This is done through a blend of traditional as well as practical knowledge while bringing awareness to the various socio-economic and political issues.

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National Integration

Dheerya works towards instilling a sense of duty as well as awareness about one's culture and country. This helps foster an appreciation towards our diverse culture, languages and traditions.

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Urban Regeneration

Through the process of reduction of waste and carbon emissions, one can contribute to a cleaner society. We at Dheerya aim to promote urban agriculture and have held garbage picking and plantation drives to create a cleaner and greener world.

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Rural Development

We strive to act as a catalyst in elevating the conditions of rural India by designing researched development projects and short-term or long-term programs to improve the standard of living in rural areas.

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Spatial and Infrastructural Development

Spatial issues are unfortunately the reality of most slums in our country. Hence, Dheerya aims to improve the infrastructure of these areas through budgeted schemes.

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Health and Livelihood

By raising awareness about physical and mental health, Dheerya hopes to positively impact the lives of people who do not have proper knowledge about these ailments.

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